Work permit to work with a BOI company

For foreign investors, the most important step is to get the permission to operate their business under Thai laws whether through the channels of Foreign Business License or BOI promotion. Once the permission is granted, then it comes to the second step of the same importance – to get work permits for their foreign skilled workers and management.

BOI promotion offers investors many benefits and privileges. Lower requirements as well as flexible process on work permit application is one among those incentives.

To apply for a work permit to work with a BOI company, the below steps are needed to be taken:

Step 1 : Application for positions of foreign skilled workers and experts

This step is to inform the BOI of the objective and necessity of the promoted company to bring in foreign skilled workers and experts.

For this purpose, the BOI has created an online platform called “Single Window” for the employer to upload required documents as well as provide position details namely, position title, scope of work, qualification for the position and work duration.   

Step 2 : The prospect worker or expert getting a Non-Immigrant “B” visa from Royal Thai embassy or Royal Thai Consulate prior to entering Thailand.

This step is to enable the employee to enter Thailand and proceed with the next step of application for the placement. The person must apply for a Non-Immigrant “B” Visa at the Royal Thai Embassies or Royal Thai Consulates-General.

The employer may request an invitation letter from the BOI referring to the approved position to aid the Visa application process.

Step 3 : Application for the placement of foreign skilled workers or experts in the approved positions

Following Step 2, upon his entry into Thailand, the person will receive a permit to stay in Thailand of 90 days in his passport at the immigration control. Later, he must proceed with the application to stay and work in Thailand.

The employer will have to submit through the Single Window system:

  • Company’s notification specifying company’s objective to bring in the foreign skilled worker(s) and expert(s) with his/her names and qualifications and explain the person’s suitability for the positions.
  • Bio data form (CV/Resume) of the person containing education background and past work experiences
  • Education certificate: Diploma/degree certificate
  • Letter of reference from the previous employers indicating the previous positions and duration of work.
  • A copy of passport
  • A copy of BOI letter of approval from step 1

Upon the approval of step 3, the employee will go to One-Stop Service Center to pick up his Work Permit and extend his Permit of Stay to a longer term.

Getting a work permit and Visa extension is very complicated to most people. At Thai Lawyers, we provide services that cover the entire process starting from getting the BOI promotion for your business to processing work permits for your foreign employees and beyond.

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