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Thai nominee shareholders are illegal

We have always told foreigners that Thai nominee shareholders are illegal. Our clients know that we do not recommend that way of company setup. Many law firms want to make money quickly and don’t tell their foreign clients that they are breaking the law. “The Nation” reported today: Probe finds 5 suspected local-nominee business services […]

Nominee shareholders for Thai limited companies with Thai majority shareholders

Many foreigners wanting to set up a Thai limited company want to have 100% ownership, but because of Thailand foreign business law, some want to explore the choice of having a Thai partner to be the majority shareholder. Many of ThaiLawyers clients want to know if they can have nominee Thai shareholders to hold majority […]

Measures to prevent the use of Thai nominees by foreigners to own land in Thailand

In general, foreigners are not permitted to acquire land in Thailand unless they comply with the rules and conditions of exception specified in The Land Code of Thailand. Only Thai individuals and juristic persons are allowed to purchase and own land in the country. The same restriction applies to foreign companies in Thailand. A company […]

Deploy Software Developers to Thailand

IT companies overseas sometimes need to deploy software developers to Thailand when they do not have a legal entity here. There are many solutions you can explore. What is the best one for you to relocate an IT team to Thailand depends on how many people and how much time you have. The first option […]

Foreigners Buying Land or House to Live with Their Thai Partner

Thailand has a law that prohibits foreigners to own land. Many choose to buy a condo instead of a house on a plot of land to avoid the headache. (Read Foreigners buying a condominium in Thailand for more information) We, at Thai Lawyers Ltd., have helped many foreign clients who want to buy a house, […]

100% Foreign Ownership

100% foreign ownership for doing business in Thailand is possible. Whether you are looking to have 100% ownership or majority ownership of your Thai business venture, you have come to the right place. This is one of our expertise. We do not recommend nominee shareholders, which is illegal and uncontrollable. 100% foreign ownership can be done […]