BOI for servicing affiliates in Thailand

BOI testimonialsWe are American company and we have to service our subsidiaries in South-east Asia. Can we get investment promotion from BOI in Thailand?

Yes. You can set up a Thailand BOI company to monitor and service your associated enterprises including providing or letting office or factory building to them. You must have a business plan when applying for the BOI, which Thai Lawyers Ltd. can help. After your business gets the approval from the BOI, you have 3 years to file the forms to open your BOI operation, when you have to show that your annual selling and administrative expenses is not less than Baht 10 million. However, even when you have not filed this form yet, you can enjoy the BOI benefits that were grated, which are permission to own land, permission to remit money to overseas in foreign currencies and to bring in specialists to Thailand. These benefits will not continue if you cannot provide the proof that your BOI promoted business spends Baht 10 M per year in selling and administrative expenses.

Your associated enterprises can be both in Thailand and overseas. However, you should service the overseas ones too in your BOI plan because the Board of Investment is interested in attracting investment while they do not want too much competition to the Thai business operators. Servicing your associated enterprises overseas brings more income to Thailand, thus more tax. Servicing your associated enterprises in Thailand can actually be done by hiring another firm in Thailand to do the job too. Let Thai Lawyers Ltd. help you set up your BOI company in Thailand and you will save a lot of time, money and headaches. Read our clients’ BOI testimonials and learn more about Thailand BOI.