How to fill out Thailand BOI application – Part 1 of 7

This post series tells you step by step how to fill out Thailand BOI application for software (activity 5.7) or E-commerce (Activity 5.8). Click here for Thailand BOI Application Form_Software_E-Commerce.

In the header section, Application for Promotion, check either Software or E-commerce.

Section 1. Applicant: This section of BOI application is about the applicant, who must be an established company or, in case the company has not been established, then the applicant means an individual.

1.1 In case the company has not been established yet: You will out the name, nationality, passport number, address (If you do not have an address in Thailand, you can put one overseas), telephone numbers and your email address.

Shareholder’s structure: Put the shareholding structure in your Thailand BOI company when it will have been set up. So at the time of filling out the BOI application, you should have an idea of who will hold how many percent of the shares in your Thailand BOI company. See the process to register a Thai limited company.

1.2 In case the company is established already: You will fill out the details of your Thai limited company, its name in Thai and English, registration number, registered and paid up capital, address, telephone numbers, email address and website.

1.3 Name of the representative to contact related to your Thailand BOI application with his address, telephone number and email address.

1.4 Company’s employment statistics during the last three years’ operation. If you have not set up your Thailand BOI yet, jump to point 2. Otherwise you will fill out the number of Thai and foreign employees divided into IT related personnel and everything else.

1.5 This is for an established company to fill out its types of business, values of domestic sales and value of exports for the last three years.

1.6 Fill out the net profit or loss from the past three years of operation.

Tomorrow we will talk about section 2 of Thailand BOI Application for Software and E-commerce business in our post How to fill out Thailand BOI Application – Part 2 of 7.

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