Investment certificate in Thailand

Often times we get an inquiry like the below asking about investment certificate in Thailand. We think many people believe it and lose a lot of money trying to get it for some fake investors allegedly from Thailand.

Here is an example of the inquiry we got: We are a start-up company looking for investment in a new business.  A Thailand Investor found us on the Angel Investor Network.  We have spent the past 2 months discussing the investment, went over pitch decks, business plans, etc. and they sent over an Equity Investment Offer (not legally binding).  For the next steps they are asking for an Investment Certificate, without which they will not be able to invest in our business. They referred someone to us who said the processing cost is USD 3,970 once completed, but they have not asked for the money yet.  We want to pay the guy so he can obtain the investment certificate in Thailand for us. However, we would like to check with Thai Lawyers first if the cost is too much or not.

And this is our answer regarding investment certificate in Thailand: The people who are looking for some loans or investments in their business are easy targets for scammers. Paying someone to get an investment certificate in Thailand before some investors can invest in your business is a scam. Many scammers call it differently. ThaiLawyers strongly advise that you first check with the lawyers in the country where the fake investors want some documents done that require you to spend a lot of money on.

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