Thai Non-Immigrant Visa Categories

Foreigners, who wish to stay in Thailand for a longer period, or those coming to work in Thailand, should obtain non-immigrant visas for all family members prior to entering into the Kingdom. This visa has several categories:

  1. Diplomatic visa (D) for those employed by an embassy;
  2. Business visa (B) for those conducting business in the Kingdom;
  3. Mass media visa (M) for accredited business or press representatives;
  4. Expert visa (EX) for those performing skilled or expert work;
  5. Investor visa (IM) for those who set up their companies under the BOI;
  6. Study/education visa (ED) for teachers and those here to study/observe;
  7. Official visas (F) for those performing official duties involving the Thai government;
  8. Missionary visa ( R) for those performing missionary work;
  9. Science visa (RS) for those doing scientific research or training, or studying in an educational institution in the Kingdom;
  10. Sports visa (S) for those participating in an officially recognized sports event;
  11. Dependent visa (O) for those who are here as dependents.

Obtaining Non-Immigrant visa has certain benefits which include:

a. Entitlement of the holder to apply for a multiple re-entry visa to Thailand from the Immigration Division in Bangkok;

b. Subject to the regulations of the Immigration Authorities, entitlement of the holder to apply for permanent residence in Thailand;

c. Eligibility for issuance of a work permit to the holder (only for category B and category O (only a foreigner who married to a Thai national));

d. Eligibility for temporary visa renewal while processing issuance of a long-term annual visa.

Foreigners are advised to strictly comply with the rules governing each visa category. They should report any changes of address or status to local police within 24 hours.

In addition, foreigners residing in Thailand for more than 90 consecutive days are required to notify their address with the Immigration Bureau every 90 days. This requirement applies to all foreigners, including holders of work permit and long-term visas. Failure to do so, the foreigner shall be punished with a fine not exceeding 5,000 Baht and with an additional fine not exceeding 200 Baht per each day passing until the law is complied with.

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