Work Permit and Visa for Thailand STARTUPs

Wondering what kind of work permit and visa for Thailand startups is available to you? Here we have the answers. You must have a startup project, first. You may be eligible for the smart visa, SMART S, which is for Technology-based startup entrepreneurs in the targeted industries only. If your plan is approved, you will not need a work permit and visa for Thailand startups is good up to 2 years at a time.

Why don’t you need a work permit? And visa for Thailand startups is easy to get? Well, the Thai government wants to attract technology-based startups so they have this program where if you have this smart visa, you do not need a work permit to work in your own startup company. The infamous 90-day reporting to the Immigration will be 1 year instead. You will do it at the One Stop Service Center (which is where you get your smart S visa from the beginning). You will not need a re-entry permit to go out and come back into Thailand like the people with a non B visa do. Also you get an access to the fast-track service at international airports in Thailand (where available). Pretty cool, right?

The SMART S visa can be obtained even when you are outside Thailand. We will help you prepare and submit a plan to set up a technology startup. Then the visa package will be sent to you to apply for your visa to Thailand. The first visa will be good for 6 months. After you enter the country, or if you are already here, we will help you set up a company in order to work on your startup plan. This is when you can extend your SMART S visa to 2 years. The condition is as follows:

1. You hold at least 25% of the company’s shares or you are a director of the company.

2. You must have a bank account (in Thailand or in your country) with a balance of at least THB 600,000 for the last 3 months.

3. If you plan to get your spouse and kids the visas too, the bank account needs to have additional THB 180,000 per person.

4. You (and your dependents) must have a health insurance covering the entire period of stay in Thailand.

For more information on smart visas, read about qualifications and criteria here.

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