Social Security for Foreign Employees

In Thailand, the Social Security Fund is the government-administered fund that provides social security coverage to the insured persons who are member of the scheme.

Foreign employees could not contribute in the Social Security scheme voluntarily. Once the foreigner obtains his Work Permit, the employer has the duty to register him within 30 days from the first day of employment and start paying for monthly contribution with the Social Security Office (SSO).

When an employee changes his name, family name or any other information related to family status, the employer must notify the SSO within 15 days. And for cases in which an employee resigns or had his contract terminated, the employer must notify the SSO that the said employee is no longer employed by the company within 30 days since the effective last day of employment.

For foreigners who are employed by the company as a director or in case they hold a different job position but they are shareholders of the company, they are not required to be in Social Security scheme because they are considered owners of the company.

ThaiLawyers can assist companies in getting work permit and visa for foreigners as well as registering the company and its employees with the Social Security Office.