Setting up a representative office in Thailand with Thai lawyers

ThaiLawyers can help you set up your business as a Representative Office of your overseas company here in Thailand. However, you have to note the activities that your representative office can do and its characteristics before you proceed with its registration. Moreover, when you have a representative office in Thailand, you will have the following responsibilities:-

  1. The representative office has to withhold taxes from service providers and employees and submit the taxes to the Revenue Department by the 7th of the following month.
  2. The representative office will need to have at least 2 Thai employees per each work permit of a foreign director or employee and extend the permit of stay in Thailand for a year.
  3. The representative office will have to have its accounts audited by a Thai auditor before its accountant can submit the financial statements to the authorities.

We need one week to write the project and prepare necessary supporting documents. Once the Office of Foreign Business Committee has accepted our application, they will have to give the result within 2 months.

To set up a representative office in Thailand, applicable government fees include a non refundable application fee of Baht 2,000. If the application is approved, the government fee will be set at the rate of Baht 5 for every Baht 1,000 or a fraction thereof of the registered capital of your company, with a minimum of Baht 20,000 and a maximum of Baht 250,000. Anyway, if you can let us know the amount of your company’s registered capital in your country, we will be able to tell you the actual government fees.

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