One Stop Service for Visa and Work Permit

Not all foreigners are entitled to use the Thailand’s One-Stop Service Center to process their Thai visas and work permits. Such services in particular with extension of temporary stay; 90-day notification of address, re-entry permit, visa issuing and changing type of visa could be provided to those foreigners carrying out duties relating to the specific laws as follow:

–         Immigration Act;

–         Petroleum Act;

–         Board of Investment Act; and

–         Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand Act

The Thai Board of Investment has coordinated the establishment of the One-Stop service Center for Visas and Work Permits. The Center can process applications or renewals of visas and work permits within three hours, assuming all required documents are presented. The center also handles many other transactions including changing visa status (e.g. from a tourist or transit visa to a non-immigrant status), payment of fines and processing of re-entry stamps, all within three hours or less.

Apart from foreigners carrying out duties related to the above mentioned laws, investors or experts granted privileges under the Investment Promotion Act of 1977 who are allowed to stay in the Kingdom of Thailand on a temporary basis to undertake investment or business activities can also have access to the services provided by the One-Stop Service Center.

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