Steps after Thailand BOI approved your project

After receiving the approval notification letter from Thailand BOI, the next steps that the applicant needs to do is to submit the documents as follows:

  1. Promotion acceptance form: You need to file it with the Board of Investment within 1 month, after you received the approval notification letter.
  2. Accompanying Application for Promotion Certificate form (Form Kor Kor Tor 05), company registration documents, and Utility and Manpower Requirement form: These must be filed within 6 month since accepting the approval (no. 1 above).

* For foreign investment, there must be an evidence showing the importation of foreign capital, and must be not less than 25% of the registered capital for your Thailand BOI project.

After the applicant submits the documents in no.1 and no.2 above, the Board of Investment will issue a BOI Certificate within 10 days. If the applicant cannot pick up the BOI application himself, he can make a proxy to appoint someone to pick it up.

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