Thailand BOI for Trade and Investment Support Offices

Thailand BOI for Trade and Investment Support Offices (TISO) incentive is an alternative for foreign investors to achieve 100% of their companies conducting different types of services and trading activities inThailand. Once granted a TISO, a foreign company must obtain a foreign business certificate, a requirement less complicated than obtaining a Foreign Business License or FBL.

Some of the types of service and trading businesses allowed under the TISO incentive can be classified as follows:

  1. Consulting and monitoring services to affiliates;
  2. Engineering and technical services (except those services related to architecture and civil engineering;
  3. Consulting or advisory services on business operations (except those engaged in buying and selling securities and foreign currency exchange). With regards to legal, accounting, advertising, architectural and civil engineering services, business approval must be obtained from the Commercial Registration Department in the Ministry of Commerce or other related government departments prior to the TISO’s application;
  4. Export trading;
  5. Information services on goods sourcing;
  6. Wholesaling, installation, training services, maintenance and repairs of machinery, engines, tools and equipment

Such companies being granted a TISO are entitled to the following incentives:

–        Unlimited number of shares owned by foreigners

–        Land ownership for an office;

–        Taking or remitting foreign currency abroad;

–        Bringing in foreign nationals to undertake investment feasibility studies;

–        Bringing in as many foreign technicians and experts as required;

–        Visa & work permit supports to foreign experts

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