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How to register E-commerce in Thailand

If you have an online business such as service, trading on the internet, creating website for trading, internet service provider, web hosting and hub of online marketing, you need to register your business into the E-commerce system. It does not matter if you are a company, partnership or individual. To register, the following documents are […]

Factory locations in Thailand

There are 3 types of place in Thailand where a factory can be located; industrial estates, industrial parks and other areas (elsewhere outside the first two types). The difference among the three types is as follows. Industrial estates An industrial estate is an area of land specified for industrial purpose providing infrastructure like electricity, water […]

Closing down a representative office in Thailand

Closing down a Representative Office in Thailand is much easier than opening it, which requires a lot of documents supporting the application for a Foreign Business License. Here are the documents needed when closing down a representative office to be filed at the Department of Business Development. A letter explaining the reason of closing down the […]

Work Rules and Regulations

The Thai Labour Law requires both Thai and foreign employers who employ a total of ten or more employees to arrange for their work rules and regulations in Thai to be announced in the work place within 15 days from the day they started employing 10 or more employees and send a copy of the […]

Eligible Applicants for Free Zone User

Free Zone is a designated area for industrial or commercial operation or any other operations involve in economic growth and development. It is considered to be outside Thailand and Thai Customs territory. Accordingly, when foreign merchandise is brought into a Free Zone, no taxes and duties is owed until the merchandise leaves the Zone and enters […]